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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keeping your mind.....pure

This is something young girls, even people in general, often miss. You could decide to keep yourself physically pure, but if you do not keep yourself mentally,emotionally, and verbally pure..... you've kind of missed the target. I personally believe that it doesn't make sense to not get physically involved with boys , if you are going to be mentally, emotionally, and/or verbally involved. It is equally important to keep yourself emotionally,mentally and verbally pure, and sometimes we don't understand that.
What does keeping your mind pure mean? Well, as I defined it in my introduction-
1-Abstaining from thinking obsessively about boys or young men you might be attracted to(preferably not at all).
I have learned that emotions lead to thoughts,or thoughts lead to emotions, and either of them lead to words or actions, or both. The mind is a very intricate, powerful thing.

Feelings >>>>Thoughts>>>>Words>>>>Actions>>>>Consequences

To keep yourself physically pure, you must keep yourself emotionally and mentally pure.You cannot do one without the other. But how do you stop the thoughts from coming? Well, it takes determination and self control. You do have the power to control your thoughts, everyone does. The question to ask yourself is," Am I committed enough to living a pure life to keep a diligent watch in this area, however insignificant it may seem?"
I am not saying it is wrong to think about getting married, or anything like that, but thinking about it too much creates a problem.We must be balanced people, in all areas.
Controlling your thoughts may seem like an impossible task, but it is possible,with effort. Prayer, encouragement, preferably from mothers, will give you the needed strength.
Confide in your parents, and you will live a happier life.Really , it is not overrated.In fact,it's underrated. I have found so many wonderful blessings in telling my mother everything, and being open with my father.It is inexpressible.I encourage you to take the path of purity, and it will be worth it.
Please, feel free to respond with questions or comments.I know I have been rather bold, but this is a subject young ladies need to be aware of. I could go on writing, but I want these to be short and to the point! :)
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To Be Continued....

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