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Thursday, January 8, 2009

So.... if you're wondering.....

Hanukkah is over and gone, 2009 has begun, along with Operation Cast Lead in Israel which begun during Hanukkah, and it's only 13 days until Barack Obama comes into office. The criticism towards Israel is ...well, let me not continue on this subject, it's very touchy for me. Barack Obama will bring changes, quickly,before you can say " Barack Hussein Obama". I do not stand for Obama, but I don't stand against him. At least i don't stand up straight against him.
There hasn't been much change here at Lavender House(not the official name of our domain), except that it's colder, we go everyday to have lunch with my great grandmother who now lives a few houses down. Studies take hours almost everyday, and I am working on what I call "Life list". I was feeling that my daily life was random and chaotic, so I decided to make a [long] list of all the aspects of my life that need to be maintained daily, weekly,or monthly.Such as my room, correspondence, and blogging. And of course other "more important things to do"(Little Women when Jo is talking to Laurie before he goes to college).
Airing out of fabrics
ecetera ecetera ecetera
Well, other than all that, all is serene. I send you blessings and please pray for Israel.

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