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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Work and Responsibility in a family

In a family, there are always dynamics, or a system, "the way things go".This a good thing ,as long as the "way things go isn't "the way things shouldn't go". So, one of the important things that a family should have is the capability to work together.Notice I said work together. A family should be united, and responsible of their duties to each other. Yes, family members have duties towards each other. Who else do you owe more to than your parents, who shelter you, provide for you, care for you, encourage you... who else should you treat with more kindness and respect than your own siblings who live with you everyday? We are sometimes capable of treating others better than our own family,(well, at least I am) it shouldn't be so.
It's not only about spending time with your family, or about the "fun parts" , but so much more importantly about the working together.Whether it's in the garden or through a rough time in life, stay together.We have respnsibilities as family members, people, and children of HaShem(G-d). I will write more on responsiblity another time, for now, Shalom!

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