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Monday, March 16, 2009

What Sisters can do for Brothers

How can we sisters help our brothers conquer their faults and become the strong,righteous, gentlemen that every boy has the ability to become? We can pray for them, hope for them, encourage them. We should not provoke them, tease them about their masculinity, treat them insignificantly, or pretend as if they were the worst thing on earth. As I said in Part 1 of my Purity series(which I am ashamed to not have finished by this time), feelings lead to thoughts, thoughts to feelings, those to actions, and there are always the consequences of course. We must treat our brothers as we would be treated, and with respect, whether they are older or younger. People might not think the relationship of siblings important, but so much of the happiness of home depends on the peace and harmony of family communications, that it cannot be ignored. Which would you rather have, a friendship with your brother, where you look up to him, and treat his opinion with respect because he respects you, or a constant fight or struggle, contention and strife constantly, with unhappiness inside and out? You can decide which, and it does not all depend on your brother, for it takes two people to argue. And even if he is not willing to work at it, you can do your part, and he will come around, with prayer and perseverance. It will never be perfect, neither will you, but it can be successful,fruitful and wonderful.There may be many struggles, but you cannot just look at the bad, or excuse it because of the good.As a sister, younger or older, use your influence, the one that G-d has given to every female, every person. The power to build up or tear down, to inspire, or disgust. Everything thing is possible, but not without Him who lifts up.

I would love to reccomend Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by the Mally's

For all siblings!

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