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Sunday, April 19, 2009



Have you taken the time to love your mother everyday on purpose? No, this is not a early Mother's Day post. I know that right now there is a movement for daughters to turn their hearts to their fathers, to love their fathers, to help their fathers. But I have noticed that a girl usually spends most of her time with her mother, inevitably, and so don't you think we should also be as passionate about helping our mothers,serving our mothers, as our fathers? Our fathers have a helpmate, and our mothers need one. Obviously, this post is probably more for the older girls. If we could find the balance and help both mother and father, do you think we should? I mean, it should be this way-
Husbands help wives
Wives help Husbands
Children help Parents
Daughters help mothers
Sons help fathers
Daughters help fathers
Sons help mothers

This makes us an interdependent unit, using all of our gifts and capabilities to "help" each other. What does help mean?

My definition of help-

  1. Help carry something, help work on something, assist in chores etc.
  2. Encourage, build up, comfort, rise to the occasion, be there for one another, stand together.
  3. Pray for one another, lead each other from wrong.
  4. Respect,honor, obey,cherish, and love (not marriage vows:) each other, respectively.

Appreciate and help one another!

Today my family had an emergency. We pulled together, family members helped, and they were all amazingly supportive. Unexpected things happen, but HaShem has unexpected answers!

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