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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am so happy to be posting about gardening again! This year the only thing that grew back from our old garden is chives. They are like the onion grass that you see growing everywhere. They taste like onions, smell like onions, but they aren't onions. Mmmmmmm, and they are very good. The chives grew fast and flourished very much early in spring before it got warm. Here they are all chopped up and ready to go in the freezer so that they stay fresh. Once chives flower / are dried, they lose alot of their flavor. In some small planting boxes we planted some seeds so they can be ready for the garden. We planted too many things, so here's a summary-
Salad greens
and more...

I can't wait to take pictures of them. Our garlic is also big. Can't wait to eat homegrown garlic.

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