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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Passsionate Photography

Who doesn't love pictures? I mean, what better way is there, besides writing every detail, to capture special moments. I love being able to see what I looked like when I was little, what my mother looked like when she was around my age, and the list goes on. On the third column of my blog, you can see the best pictures that I've taken. Photography is a developing passion of mine. Flickr is a great way to share my passion here on my blog, that way I don't have to be posting pictures all the time. I want to use this passion that I believe HaShem has implanted in me to help others capture moments, to have pictures of His wonderful creations in every season to show others His magnificent work. I like taking photos of people and nature the most, primarily because they are Abba's creation, and I think the most beautiful things on this earth. So that's one of the things I'm up to these days. You might be thinking (I know I am), "How is this going to help with becoming a firm foundation, Akeret haBayit?" Well, I am intending to use this wonderful thing and passion to provide an income for myself without having work outside the home. Sure, I'll have to go to locations and such, but I can go with my family and it won't be far from home or working for someone else.A family business would be ideal, but that is not our circumstance now. So you'll hear more about this as I start my business and that gets going.:)

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