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Monday, May 18, 2009

Blessings or Burdens,Selfishness, Servanthood, and Preperation

In today's culture children are considered to be a burden. "Don't have a child because you can't do this, don't have a child because then you can't enjoy yourself. " Some people, even go so far as to speak of children with disgust and thankfulness that "I only had one,(or none!)". Even those that have children look back on it with regret, and as if it took away a part of time in their life when they could have been doing other things. Why are children such a burden? I think it is because of selfishness. Most of us don't want to be servants, or "give our lives away." This is also the same reason why we have trouble giving our lives as living sacrifices to HaShem.
I remember hearing a conversation about children that caused me so much pain. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Children are horrible? Unnecessary unfortunate mistakes? Weren't grown ups once children? In my families little corner of the world, my parents are fighting against a strong current because they consider children a blessing, and not a burden.
Do we consider our relationship with G-d a blessing or a burden? Does our selfishness prevent us from giving our whole heart and life to Him?
As young ladies we need to try with the L-Rd's strength to overcome selfishness. If we plan to one day have children, we need to learn to be a servant now. Our family is always the greatest and hardest place to "walk it out." My G-d is always teaching me this. Everyday. Literally. How does He teach me to be a servant everyday?
Well, we have a dog.
Yes, a dog.

A dog with a weak bladder.
A dog with active bowels.
A dog that needs a lot of attention and care.
A dog that is constantly interrupting me during the day.
A dog that takes up the time I could be "spending doing something else."
I am still learning, after almost three years with this wonderful, sweet dog, I am still struggling with responsibility, servant hood , and sacrifice.
As godly young people, as people at whatever age, preparation is a key part. We are living our future now, but we should still prepare for what we aren't living, like parenthood and marriage. But many times there is too much emphasis on "the big future." What about the big present? What about the now that very much affects later? We need to focus on finding or keeping the balance with looking to the future and with the here and happening. Maybe this could be classified with DOING HARD THINGS.
I hope I have spoken of everything in well rounded way. If not, there will be more posts with this posts title.
With heart,

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