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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photo Photo

Here I am with more pictures. These plantlings are 36 tomato plants, some of which we hope to sell. The others are salad greens. They grow laying down, unless we are doing something wrong;) This beautiful tri-color moth was on our front door screen Shabbat morning, and we were fascinated. it just stood there, even when you opened the door. I love how it is beautiful brown underneath, and gray on the surface. The pictures are accurate in showing the size of the moth.G-d is so good! Below is our beloved Leonitis sitting in a dining room chair. My brother taught him how to do this once, and ever since if you leave the dining room with a chair open, when you come back, he is sure to be on that chair. The way he sits is also so comical. Look at those puppy eyes! He is so photogenic.That is Thursdays sunset. Pink cream with a crescent. And the next one is a dead centipede being carried to his burial by ants. At least that is what they told us. But I rather suspect he is DINNER! But this is to be further investigated.

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  1. Those moth pictures are beautiful, Your dog is so cute, and I think the caterpillar is dinner too. :)


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