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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Homeschooled Girl (Portfolio Time)

I know I haven't written much, if anything at all, about homeschooling on here. For those who may not know, I am a homeschooled girl! Baruch HaShem! I am actually a homeschooled high schooler! Why Homeschool through High school? I'll tell you why when I finish watching that video by Joshua Harris:) Before I go into talking about portfolio time, let me tell you why we(or my Mom) homeschools.
  1. To have a G-d centered education.
  2. To have a family centered education.
  3. To be better able to improve our minds at our own pace.
  4. To be able to be flexible with dates(such as the Feasts).
  5. To have more fun.
  6. And last but not least, to be free from as much bad influence as possible.
And for all that, it is worth all the labor and headache of this portfolio season. May all homeschoolers be able to take as much advantage as possible from the benefits of homeschooling.
So , portfolio time. Yes, this year I was stressed. Not so much worried or overwhelmed, but stressed. Gathering all my high school credits and all that was somewhat difficult . But we got through it. Actually, this year I did my portfolio "all by myself". It was new, but fun and hard at certain points.I used my photography photo editing software to make a nice front cover. It was nice to add something I love to it. Being responsible for much of my education this past year, and for completing my portfolio was a large responsibility. I must admit I did fail in some aspects, while doing well in others. I guess that is natural. I hope I have learned from my mistakes this year, and will do better next time! (B'ezrat HaShem, I must add)
This year I did many subjects and activities, Baruch HaShem. So now we are going to take a month or two break to regroup, plan next school year, and also focus on some other things. It will be very refreshing for me, b'ezrat HaShem.
Would you tell me about your homeschooling? Have you done portfolios yet? I would love to hear from others who homeschool for the same reasons or values we do.

I also want to say thank you to all my readers, without you I would have deleted this blog last year.A shout out to all my readers all over the world!! And I would love to have more comments and hear from more of you. Thanks!


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