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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

About Many Things

Okay, I need to write this post very very quickly. So I am going to do it like this-I will state each thing I want to say and any necessary explanation will follow it.
  1. On my new photography blog I created this button
I use this as my blog button. You can use it too, if you would like to add my blog as a button on yours. Just follow these instructions-
  • Right click the image
  • Save it
  • Go to your blog layout
  • Click on gadgets and select the "picture" gadget.
  • Upload this picture
  • Add the URL of my (why did I choose such a long URL? It's kind of like torture to make a decision you can't change. Any way..)
  • And there you have it- my button on your blog. You can do this with your own images too. It's so great.
2. I also created a button for my photography blog. You can get it by following the above instructions, except with this picture.

Well, I guess that's it. Now I'm off to the rest of my day. Remember, feel free to leave comments anytime with any post. Ah, I just remembered the third thing I was going to write-
The Photography Contest is ending in about 3 days. IF you want to enter, now is the time. We right now have 2 contestants. On Saturday night I will put up a poll so people can vote whose pictures they like best. All you have to do is click on each contestant on the sidebar. Right now there is only one up there, I will soon add another contestant.Enter now, girls! Remember, you don't have to be a photographer or anything, this is just for fun.
Fourth, and probably the thing my readers will love most- I will be happy to make YOU a button in the same way. Just leave me a comment, then post the picture you wish me to use, or tell me a picture you would like me to use-a pink rose-a cloud,etc,etc. I will then customize it according to your preference(you'll have to tell me what that is:), and I can email it to you, if you want, or just post it on my blog and you copy it. I will make sure , if I post it, to say it's yours and others can use it if you tell me you want them too. If not, that's good too. I hope this is all clear. If not, just ask any questions. Finally, I am done, I've been typing like a maniac.I can now move on with life. :)

These images are not for your personal use. You may use them as a link to my blog, but not as your own. I am sure you understand and respect. Thank you very much.


  1. Nice new bloggy pic! How did you do it?

    To accept the award, just save the pic to your computer, and do a little post with it awarding one or two people. That's all!


  2. Thank you! I used Photoshop Elements 7, my new editing software. It's great. Okay, thanks for the instructions, and the award!


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