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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello, Peak,Zion

Hello fellow bloggers and dedicated blog readers! How are you? I am fine as well as my family, Baruch HaShem! We came back from an evening walk a while ago , and I just finished working on some client "stuff". I just wanted to drop a not to let everyone know I am still alive, and I check all of your blogs daily. Usually the ones on my sidebar...... Yes, I have limited time nowadays. Blogging has finally taken a back row seat in the theater room of my life. And my family and business have VIP passes!!!!!! Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that you can check out a peak of my first engagement session at my photography blog. I am glad to be done with all the editing and sorting. It is work.... Yes, I did not know that before ;) I have been experiencing with my editing, and tryong to find a nice template for my photography blog. I find it a bit plain. The 9 puppies are doing well. Here's a few pictures, of course.
This is Zion, after he tried to lap out of the milk bowl. Isn't he precious!? Well, I must go now,so farewell!

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