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Sunday, August 9, 2009

oh the slippery rain

It has been raining so much lately. You'd think it was spring. So you might be wondering, " Why is this a bad thing?". Well, one reason is that it is so gloomy outside and the tomatoes in our garden don't have a chance to get red(we have had 1 or 2 days of sun, though). The second reason would be that I had an engagement session today and it was, it was- I'm sorry, this is just really sad- it was ruined by a severe thunderstorm. One minute is was sunny and great lighting, (though so humid that they issued an air quality alert.. yeah, great day for a photo shoot ;) the next it was pouring while I cancelled the session with my clients. Fun fact- they live a few houses down. Yeah, it's awesome. Another fun fact- slippery is another word for tricky...just so you know :)
Anyway, so we are going to try again tomorrow, all week in fact, whichever day is sunny first. So that's what has been happening today.
Things have been pretty quiet around here. We've had a bountiful harvest of tomatoes and peppers (our kitchen smells very strongly of peppers;) during those few days of sun. The rest of the garden is flourishing, and in about a week we will bring in a harvest of everything. I am enjoying my vacation from studies. We will start again in September. I have been trying to use my summer productively, but I don't feel as if I've got anything done. At least not in the line of learning.The main things I have been doing are- organizing-finishing loose ends- and working on my photography business and using the editor workshop(as you can see by the post title photo;) Those are the three most productive things. Besides that I have been reading some books by Patricia St. John ( superb books, though they are for younger children, but I still read them for entertainment since all the other books I'm reading are brain food), gardening, cleaning, and baking. So I suppose it has been a productive summer. Oh, I forgot- and I have been sharing the care of 9 puppies and two dogs. THEY ARE SUPER ADORABLE!!! The doggies in the picture are all ours. Yes, at first we were only keeping Zoe from this liter, but now we decided to keep a boy that looks similar to our current dog Leo, so we will have three dogs. Aren't they cute (from what you can see)? And Leo is so protective of them. He is definitely a good big brother. Here is a picture of Nala (the mom of all our doggies) and Leo goofing around during the week of fun. Okay, maybe we were goofing around.

And finally, I will leave you with an adorable picture of Zoe.


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  1. Aw the dogs are cute! Don't be too sad about the rain, maybe one day you could get waterproof lens and start taking pictures of the rain. I hope your tomatoes are able to get red. We grew an eggplant. It's a very handsome eggplant. I'm very proud of it. :)


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