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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sweet Friends and Spirituality

Before I discuss my topic, I want to say two things-
  • I love the words "sweet", "sweetness", "sweetie", and I think you get it.
  • For those who still hang around my blog, just know that I still hang around yours! Thank you for your "sweet" comments (you know who you are ;)
I have two/four pen pals, and I greatly enjoy writing and reading letters ( even though I am not so consistent in my writing as my pen pals probably wish I was ;). Two of my pen pals, were so sweet and thoughtful of me and sent me some lovely birthday gifts. Thank you girls! I was pleasantly surprised and deeply touched.
These unexpected gifts came from unexpected friends. I met one pen pal through my mother noticing her blog, and my other pen pal from my mother noticing her aunt. It seems like I owe my mother thanks for introducing me to such sweet friends ;) Thanks Mom. And thanks, pen pals, for being so sweet!
Anyway, back to my point(which I never got to, but here we go). I meant to say that it's amazing how G-d works in such unexpected and unseen ways. His ways are not ours, His thoughts are not ours. Oh, how I long to be more like Him! How I long to take every thought captive to Him and to His Word! I can't tell you how much I love " The Christians Secret to a Happy Life: by Hannah Whitall Smith". Though our doctrines are different, she speaks to my soul, and our G-d is the same.
I've never had a lot of friends, and I pretty much know all the same people I knew 3 or 4 years ago, give and take some. I am sometimes lonely, and I was more so when I was a little girl. But I've learned that friends are overrated just as much as family is underrated. I've also learned (to some degree;) that His plans for me are the best plans for me. I've just realised (on a slightly related note;) that I need to stop wishing that I did not make the mistakes I did in the past, and to stop wishing I could be perfect (Yes, I still fall prey to being idealistic. What am I saying, I never stopped being susceptible to that! ;) because if I never made any mistakes, I would not have to learn to fully accept and receive G-D's forgiveness and Yeshua's salvation like never before, and how to not wallow in condemnation and self pity. This lack of acceptance of forgiving, and of forgiving really stems from self righteousness and self pity. I shudder when I think of what I've sometimes become under these feelings. And though my bad choices are mine, they don't define me. And G-d is Greater!!!!
There is a really good book on this, it's called "How to Forgive Yourself Totally: by R.T Kendall". I have never actually read this book (BUT I WANT TO!!!!!!), but I saw the author speak on Joyce Meyers show. They don't have it available online anymore, but check out this preaching by her. It is really good, and I have listened to it several times. It has really helped and encouraged me.
Let's see, what else? Well, how about I share some music now ?

I am not a big fan of Miley Cyrus, but I am of the lyrics to this song! The Climb, Miley Cyrus

This is a beautiful song, but I don't recommend the movie that it came from. Mandy Moore, Only Hope.

This song has to do with changing the environment, and the singers are part of Disney's Friends for Change. I like this song very much, and on (another) side note, I am part of an environmental club! Send it on, Disney's friends for Change

I've also been listening to the Four Tops, because I love the beat and rhythm to those songs!
I couldn't find a good video for this one. Let me just say, they were popular in the 1960's. ;)

Well, that's all for today. Now that we've somewhat adjusted to cyber school, I should be posting more often again. Yeah! Shavua Tov and I wish all a beautiful week!


  1. Nice to see you back in the blog-world!
    It's interesting that you're part of an eviromental club :)

  2. All of these songs are pretty. Usually Miley's videos have nothing to do with what she's singing about but at least the climb does. (: That's so cool that your part on an environmental club. I'd love to join one. (:

  3. Hi girls,

    Just for clarity, the enviornmental club is part of my online school program. I don't know of any in the local area.
    Thanks for you comments! I LOVE COMMENTS!!!!!
    I agree with you , Lady Scribbles. I think even this video, though, is a little off. lol


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