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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Serious Changes (the process)

Previously, (scroll down), I mentioned some serious changes. Well, here are those that have taken place, and some new plans!

  • I don't want to be queen obvious, but I changed my template! I like it. It's cozy, pretty, and I love the colors. Plus, what I wanted most...three columns with the post in the middle!
  • I have decided what to do that will keep me posting each week. First, A Young Maiden's Daybook! I will start this Monday! Just gotta figure out the exact time.....Maybe whenever.
  • I will also start "Weekly Aliyah" (button coming soon), where I will discuss the weeks parasha portion and other Bible readings I do during the week. So every Sunday, I will do "Weekly Aliyah" , where I will discuss the parasha portion that we just completed. For my Torah observant readers out there, you can do this too! It will be easier to join when I have the button.
  • I changed my signature. Katherine is my middle name, and I NEVER use it, and NO ONE EVER uses it, so I decided to make it my signature. Yes, you don't know my first , last , or Hebrew name, but you know my middle one. Ah, I love irony. I hope y'all like it.
  • I added a Link Within, or thingy that shows old posts so that readers can be more interested thing. I like it. ;)
  • I added the "A Young Homemakers" button. You must check out their blog!
  • I don't have a button for my blog, for two reasons. I deleted the picture to my old button on Flickr accidentally, and I change my blog too often. I'm thinking about going with a picture , or just white....
And last, but not least, important, but not related, I want to be closer to Him!!!! I want to draw nigh and drink in His Presence!!!! Getting my blog in order is part of getting my life in order, which is part of having more time for Him!!! I know you understand.

"What is the chief end of man?" " To glorify G-d and live according to His purpose!"

p.s- Not sure if I quoted that Westminster's catechism correctly, but it is still true ;)

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