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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Serious Changes *wink*

I wanted to jot some real changes that are going to be coming to a blog near you. More specifically, this one. Here is the list of changes, in order from first to last.

  1. I am going to change this template! Yes,again! This one is too crowded.I must have something where the post is in the middle.And I just dislike the style. It is so inconvienent.
  2. I BARELY post!!!! THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE. My goal is one post a week, and a meaningful one at that! WHat is the point of living life and having a blog, and not sharing it!
  3. I decided to do "Short Answers", which I learned about on Marissa's blog. Check it out, or wait till I post more info.
  4. I follow so many cool blogs that I don't even have the link up to. Gonna do that...
  5. I am going to do half or all of this today! After I finish my science,work on a letter, and organize my daily plans.
So are you excited?! I am! Talk with you all later!

1 comment:

  1. lol! What an incredible coincidence! God must have sent you to me, because I was really sad about the idea of Short Answers going away forever. So, you're good for taking it on? If you're sure, email me and we'll work everything out. :)

    Good luck with your blogging changes! I did that a while back, and I'm SO glad I did! I've had so much fun keep it up ever since. =)

    In His arms,


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