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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekly Aliyah

Are you ready?! This Sunday, I will begin "Weekly Aliyah". To shorten this up, let me state the basics, in a basic way...

  • What: A weekly post about the last weeks parshah ( Judaism's cycle of readings for the first five books of the Bible, the Torah) and other weekly Bible readings (Haftorah, Brit Chadasha), and what I learned, liked, or realized about them.
  • When: Every Sunday...or....Every Week, starting this Sunday, December 6,2009
  • Where: Here, at my blog, and at any others who decide to do it too!
  • Why: To share the Torah, what HaShem shows me, and my studies with others.
  • How: To do this also, leave a comment and/or your link, and grab the button on the sidebar!
I look forward to this very much! I hope some others join out there ( *ahem* Mom....), and I hope it blesses and encourages others!



  1. AH it's so different but you're right it is cozy! (: I was all like confused at first. "Did I get the right blog?" I thought. But then I saw your older post.
    have a good week.


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