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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Late Maiden's Daybook Jan.22

Today… Friday, January 22, 2010/ Shevat 7, 5770

Outside my window… Gloomy sky, lots of trees and branches,gloomy sky. Gloominess.

I am thinking…That I should probably go groom.That I feel very sick and achy. That I might as well do this post now, since it is still within the week, and I just want to. ;) And how much I like my new blog look.

I am thankful for…A bed that I can lay in all day until I feel better.

I am wearing…My pajamas.Who gets dressed when they are sick!? Ok, I do.

I am reading…The Fascinating Girl. I am really enjoying this. This is my first read through, then I am going to read it again, except that time I will take notes and discuss the book on my book blog.

I am creating…My collage.Still. But I feel inspired to complete it now, because I've done a little room organization.. I don't know, that makes me feel creative. ;)

One of my favorite things…Soup and oranges. Not together, of course. I just really wished I had some right now. Nothing makes me feel so good when I am sick.

For education this week…Well, its the end of the week. This week I completed all my exams, and I think I did well this semester. Today is the start of the Second semester, but here I am , coughing, sniffling, and moaning! (I am not to sorry to miss school...I don't know why they would have school right after we've blown out our brains with exams!? Well, there's public school for ya!(no offense))

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning …Scheduling and discipline! My schedule is really working out.Technically.

A spiritual lesson I’m learning…My mother and I are doing a Beth Moore study on Esther, and it is SO SO SO SO GOOD!!!! Check it out! It is only for women, and it deals with a lot of womanly issues.Comment if you have a question .Anyway, the session/section, the one we are doing now, is about meanness and how it has a root and history, and its really been speaking to me on a issue I've been dealing with.

A godly character trait I plan to work on…Showing love to others.

Scripture I am meditating…

In conclusion, brothers, focus your thoughts on what is true, noble, righteous, pure, lovable or admirable, on some virtue or on something praiseworthy.Phil. 4:8
I am praying for… Soup and oranges. And Haiti, my family, and next week.

For the rest of the week and the beginning of the next…
Shabbat , School, figuring out what to do for my brothers birthday (As a gift I am going to teach him piano(he wants to learn so much) and I will feature him here!)
On Monday, another young Maiden's Daybook, Tuesday Short Answers, and Wednesday I am going, b'ezrat HaShem (with G-D's help), to spend the day with a friend. Thursday, mu brothers birthday. And that's as far as I know.

A picture I’d like to share… I hope you have been visiting my photography blog to see my picture of the day, 365 days this year. Here is a random picture, just for this post.
He's Saying, "Tell the ladies I'm here 'till Thursday,". ;) Its a quirk of mine, making animals talk.
*edit: I forgot to put a link to the founder so you can join. On the sidebar, you will see a smaller version of the picture that is at the top of this post. Click on that and it will take you directly to her blog.

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