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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Beach Days

   As the first rays of the August sun came in through my bedroom window, I opened my sleepy eyes and looked at the clock. My excitement overcame my drowsiness, as I remembered that today was beach day. We, my mother, brother and I, would go to the beach with my aunt and cousin. I looked at the form of my cousin lying beside me. I didn’t need to wake her, because she was already awake. We spent a few moments sharing our excitement, and then we went downstairs to the dining room and joined the others for breakfast.

     After breakfast everyone was busy changing into their swimsuits and packing entertainment for the long drive to the beach. Soon everyone and everything was in the car, and we began the long trip to Dewey Beach, Delaware. With books and drawing pads (not to mention rocking to music), I wasn’t bored at all. As we finally neared the beach, we passed some interesting sights. We saw the NASCAR racetrack, the Air Force Base, and two historic World War II watchtowers, which overlooked the ocean.
    That was our queue to turn into the Dewey Beach parking lot. We were soon making our way to the shore, carrying our numerous bags and bundles. It looked as if we were a camping group! After a short walk through the deep sand, we found the perfect spot to set down our things. I helped spread out the big blanket we had brought. My aunt stuck the umbrella in the sand, but it only covered a portion big enough for one person. So my mom sat under the umbrella, while the rest of us put on sun block and headed to the water.
    When I approached that beautiful expanse of what looked like sparkling diamonds in some places, I felt a little nervous. Waves three to four feet tall came crashing in at my feet, and I could feel the pull of the sand and water at my feet as the next wave prepared to rise. Seagulls were flying here and there, and the morning sun was beaming above me. I was half tempted to stay on the shore. But I yielded to the stronger temptation and grabbed a boogie board, following my aunt’s instructions on how to use it in the water. After a few tries and failures to ride the waves, I handed the boogie board to my brother, and sat on the sand where the water could reach my feet. My cousin already had a pile of sea shells, and I helped her gather more. Between boogie boarding (or trying to), gathering sea shells, eating lunch, and just enjoying the scenery, I was having a delightful time.
    But then it suddenly became cloudy. A few moments later we heard thunder.  I could see a storm coming towards us from inland. Then I heard the Life Guard blowing his whistle to call the swimmers out of the water. In almost no time we were packed up and on our way back to the car. I was disappointed that we had to leave the beach, but tired enough to consent without much complaining.  On the long trip home, everyone slept (except the driver, of course) and we were soon home.
    But that wasn’t the end of my beach experience. The next week, we repeated our beach day, this time with more success. The sky was clear and the weather was even warmer.  It seemed almost unreal to me that we were at the there for the second time when we hadn’t been to the beach for two years. But I was more than willing to do it again and again.
    This time, I entered the water without hesitation. The storm had brought more rocks and shells to the ocean floor. I spent the day in pretty much the same manner as before, except this time my aunt took my brother and me out beyond the crashes of the waves to where it was calmer and deeper. We had to duck under the big waves and float with the other ones. I was a little afraid of going underneath those 6 foot walls of water, but I liked the thrill it gave me. I’ll never forget it.
    That day ended beautifully with a sight of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Everyone had a good time, and I had a memorable experience. I could have stayed there until dark. The warm breeze, the beautiful glimmering water, and the sound of it crashing on the sand were what I enjoyed most. Just the sight of that magnificent, uncontrollable force is enough to send shivers down my spine. I hope I never again go too long without experiencing the cool calm and majesty of the beach.

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  1. The beach sounds so fun! :)
    Thank you for your reply, it does make sense to me now. I'll be following your blog to learn more. :)


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