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Friday, April 16, 2010

Choosing to Wait Purity Challenge- April 14-19

So Lexi is at it again. Taking a stand for purity and encouraging others to join and do the same.  Here's what she said....
So, along with this weeks topic, there will again be a purity give-away…so you won’t want to miss it! Start advertising and encourage more teens to join the challenge! You never know the lives you could impact by what you share during this weeks challenge!
There are actually going to be TWO topics this week, but you can pick one or the other or both! Its up to you.
Topics of this week’s Purity Challenge are:

- How does being “real” reflect your purity?
- What is your opinion on courtship?

How does being "real" reflect your purity?
 Being real affects my purity in a big way. You see, to be real, I'd have to admit that I have not kept in purity my whole life- indeed, not until 3-4 years ago. I'd have to admit that I do not have it altogether, and that I'm  not perfect.I'd have to admit that purity has been a journey, for me. If I weren't real, or didn't try to be, I would try to hide all these things, and that would foster shame in my heart.The truth is that my experiences, though mistakes, I can now take, thanks to G-D's forgiveness, I can now take them and use them to help and encourage others, and to remind myself of where I've been, and how far I've come. Being real, enables me to give the glory to G-D, and show how He has worked through my testimony, concerning purity.

What is your opinion on courtship?
My family and I have no exact definition on courtship, but we do have a few guidelines:
  • Courtship is a time to get to know each other,with the intention of marriage, if G-D wills and each others families.
  • Physical contact is off limits (not like, "Your skirt touched his shoe! *scream*"), but I think you get it. It can get too far, and we're not even engaged! Questions, anyone?
  • TALK TALK TALK!!! Discuss the important issues. Religion, marital issues, politics ;), child raising, and etc.etc.
  • And of course, G-D's will be done!
I feel like I've barely written anything, but I've written to the point, and I hope it has blessed you!
Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Great post Katerine!! Thank you so much for joining in on this weeks purity challenge! I always enjoy reading what you have to say on the topics.


  2. Loved this. You are such a wonderful inspirational Christian girl.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving those comments!



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