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Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation is sweet...

I realized something. Yeah, I know, that happens a lot ;) This is what I realized.
Vacation is sweet!
I've actually had time to read, post on my book blog, and do whatever comes up. I have time to realize that I need to enjoy every moment. I have time to make time. Now, I know I can and should do this at all times, vacation or not, but its nice to be freed up to make a habit ;) 
 There are a lot of things to occupy my time and I hope to complete a lot of projects. A few opportunities have opened up for me that I'm looking forward to. Isn't life great!? Baruch HaShem
There's more I want to share, but I'll share it when its going on. I don't want to always be talking about what I want to do, or am going to do, but I want to do it then share the experience. 
So Shabbat Shalom and a good weekend to all! And thanks for commenting on the new look and voting on the poll. Maybe I'll eventually get it professionally done, but for now, this is good.



  1. Luv the new blog cute!

  2. Life IS great!!! I LOVE vacation and free time, too :)
    I really like the new name and blog look, very unique and creative! Fantastic job!


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