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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dancing in the Rain (blog party and giveaway) at Living On Literary Lane

Elizabeth Rose has completely redone her blog-and I must say it looks inexpressibly delightful. Now she's having a blog party to celebrate it...along with a giveaway! How lovely is that?! So go read all about it and enter! The button's on my sidebar so click on that for details. Trust me, you want to check this out. You really do. So, there are questions you must answer to enter the blog party, which by entering means you also give yourself a chance to win the giveaway! So...go!

  • Have you ever run outside during a rainstorm (and if so, please describe it)? Yes, I have. But see, I was running because I had to cover up dirt and gardening tools. But it was still delightful, and I got drenched.Twice. And rain on a hot day is so refreshing and relaxing. Along with thunder and lightening. 
  • What is your favorite Sense & Sensibility version: 2008 or 1995? Oh, hard one. There are good things about each. But I think I'll have to go with 1995.
  • Do you keep a journal (and if so, how many have you filled)? Yes, I do. I don't know how many I have filled, but I know I have only finished one, and am in the process of finishing my second.
  • What is your favorite thing about summer? People seem more cheerful and obviously active. And that everything is alive. But I dislike the heat. Just sayin.
  • What is your favorite classical song? Oh, tough one. I'm just going to say Fur Elise because its memorable to me.
  • It's your wedding day. And while you are going down the aisle (gracefully, of course), the audience suddenly bursts into singing "How Do You Solve A Problem Like ____ (your name)?" What are your emotions? Shock and pleasure. Because I would laugh, and I love humor, so it makes me pleased. Shocked because of course it would be a huge unexpected thing.
  • What is your favorite scene in Sense & Sensibility? Is the same scene in the movie(s) (and if so, do you like it as well)? I think my favorite scene is when, after Marianne also finds out about Edward and Lucy's "secret", she talks with Elinor and realizes that just because she's reserved doesn't mean she's heartless.
  • Which of Jane Austen's books is your favorite? Why? Sense and Sensibility. I relate a lot to Elinor, and I just love the style and homey feel of the settings. Its very family focused.
  • Describe your perfect reading "nook": A window seat with comfy pillows for my back, and a view of a small pond with willow trees. But perhaps not because I'd be so distracted by the beauty ;)
  • Have you ever been accused of reading a book when you were supposed to be doing chores? No, but I have read when supposed to be studying or sleeping. :)
  • You are on the beach, and you are wearing normal clothes (NOT a bathing suit). Do you consider jumping into the cold ocean anyway? Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do you consider yourself a matchmaker like Emma?  No way.
  • What do you like best about my blog? What do you think is the worst? (It's always good to get feedback, so I know what to change and what to keep!) I can't answer either of those- they're too hard with such a lovely blog! But I can say I'd like a bit more bookish stuff. ;)
  • What are your opinions involving letters: short and brief or long and lovely? Long and lovely, preferably. But short and brief can be short and sweet, so....
  • What Scripture verse has encouraged you a lot recently?  That's hard to answer-certain ones come to me when I need them. But I'll say that the word "hope" has encouraged me a lot recently.
  • Do you consider yourself an artist? If so, in what way? Yes, I do. I'm just beginning to develop that thought of myself. IN my photography and writing, and in my behaviors and personality. Though the creativity belongs to HaShem there, I express it, and I can do it artistically.
  • What interests you in a blog: beautiful layout or good content? Both! Quantity of beauty, and quality of content.
  • Do you believe in saving your first kiss for your wedding day? Yes :)
  • What are your opinions involving modesty? The point is to express your inside outwardly. There's not one definition. Follow where He leads.
  • Did you enjoy answering all these questions? Yes! Thanks Elizabeth Rose!


  1. Thanks for joining in, Katherine! Your answers were delightful. :)

    In Christ,
    Lizzy Rose

  2. Here's where you stand entry-wise, Katherine: you follow me, you follow Awel's design blog, you follow Hannah's design blog, you follow Aspire, you follow Shilah, you posted about the giveaway, you put up the promo button, and you answered the questions. That's 11 entries. Let me know if I made a mistake. Thanks!

    In Christ,
    Lizzy Rose

  3. I enjoy getting to know you girls more through these little interview thingies (idk what they are called!lol). :)


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