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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Awesome awesome awesome

I can't think of another or better title for this post. Earlier this week was Rosh Chodesh Elul-the last month of the Hebrew year. *GASP* Yes, yes, time flies. It has the wings of eagles. Anyway.....

I happily attending, for the first time in my life, a drum circle. For women. But I won't describe it. There are three sisters, very dear mentors of mine-basically related (not by blood, but by love and all that good stuff) that did a very good job of it. And the great thing is, they did it together! Without knowing it *grins secretly*

My mom posted about it, while mentioning
a magickal meliss who's incredible  post about it also touched a
Village Wise Woman, who had written her own beautiful post.

I hope you checked those posts out, so you can agree with me when I sigh and say, "What amazing women! And what an AMAZING G-D!" Baruch HaShem for that time, this month, and all that is to come, and that has passed. I will say that for me I just simply enjoyed the singing and drumming, and I really tapped into my "deep spiritual side" :p

Yesterday morning, I was worshiping and thinking about all that is going on in my family and personally, and a word came to me. A word that is so loosely used that the mention of it doesn't give people enough shivers.
Confident Expectation.

Don't take it for granted. Don't forget it. Don't give it up. Without hope, all is lost. Without hope, there's no goal, nothing to reach for, nothing to trust in. Without hope there is nothing to hold on to-we can let everything fall away, because its not worth it. That's where we need hope. Do you see how essential it is? I think its second most important to faith, which comes after love. 

"There are three things that are left- faith, hope, and love. Pursue love!" 1 Cor. 13-14

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  1. Pookie, you're so cute! You did drum and sing!! And I saw you dance!! It was awesome to watch you enjoy the experience. The entire thing was so FAB! Eeeeeee!

    From visiting your blog, your sweet and crazy mama's, and the beautiful village wise woman's - I'm inspired to talk outside of poetry about the experience and the word you used: Hope - confident expectation.



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