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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Observations on Becoming~ Jan.25

I've been such a neglectful blogger- I have no excuses and can only say that I must go with the flow of life. Remember, it's a crazy beautiful mess. :). So here are some observations I've made sure to note over the last few weeks.
I don't think a life with G-D in it is perfect, but it's clearer, more full of light, truth, and righteousness.
No more no more. The phrase "no more" holds a negative connotation for me. It implies shame, too much of a bad thing, and desperation. Instead of saying "no more" I wanna say, " I will stop". For me, that means personal, determined, and definitive intention.
Danger of comparative analysis
Comparative analysis. One of the most poisonous, dangerous,blinding, and deceptive analysis you can make use of. Comparing one thing to another-yourself, your performances, your talents, comparing others,possessions, and, in my opinion, one sin or fault with another, is wrong. We need to be able to look at things for what they are or are not, not what they're more or less of.
This adventure
Many people, especially teens, look to the future. A future adventure, a future experience- something that they more than look forward to-something they live the present on. Today is an adventure, living is an adventure. Live it. :)

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