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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have the strangest feeling...hello!

 It's almost like nervousness, excitement, joy, and unexplained fear. I've been gone longer than I ever thought I would be. Three months. Just fathoming all that these past three months have held blows my mind. Slightly on the "I can't believe I made it," level. It feels like its been forever, yet just a day. Isn't that fascinating? Oh, and hello! :)
This year (starting from I'd say this time last year) has been absolutely tough, incredibly new, and of course, because life is, beautiful. Most of all, this past year has been about self realization, becoming a more developed individual-no longer thinking and acting like a child. I have that liberty in fewer areas now.It's called getting old. ;)
 Graduating high school is a rite of passage, but it's a bigger one than I thought it would be. Because now, my job is no longer to study (though I will be doing that), but to pursue whatever it is that I want to do as a living for the rest of my life, at least as I know it now. Taking in hand this responsibility requires much more than just the "work" aspect of it. It's soulful as well. Or at least, it should be.
As young people beginning to develop, not as children but as adults, a phenomenon generations before us have experienced, we must look into ourselves, our hearts, minds, and souls, and decide what is it exactly that we want from life. How do we want to live it? What type of character do we want to have? And are we willing to do the hard work? All these questions for me have meant that I need to stop the work and look into myself. Not outward, not at someone else and definitely not into boxes that I might want to stick myself in to appear a certain way.
Now is the time to take our lives in our hands, with caution, with forethought, with wisdom (parent's and elders can be very helpful in this area), and with soulful action. This is no time for doing things "just to do them". Now is the time to do things that we know we want to do. This can mean different things to different people, therefore I'm not saying you have to go travel Europe or something, though I would like to do that. :) It really is the age of opportunity and it can be one of such power and fulfillment.

 Coming back to blogging is feeling a lot like coming back to myself, since the craziness has calmed down, the urgent hard work is over (for now), and that part is exciting. It's a bit nerve wrecking and scary because I want to really revolutionize my blogging, I want to really write what's in my heart. And that might hurt and be work to get out. But, I'm joyful because I can. And I know HaShem (G-d) has a plan. :) That might involve accidental rhyming. ;) Therefore, I'm very happy to be back and I look forward to getting back in touch with my fellow bloggers!


  1. Congratulations and welcome back! It is an amazing time in life... looking forward to hearing more about what God is doing in your life!

  2. Great post as usual. You highlighted some questions I also have been musing over, like what I want from life, and wither I will work hard to get it. It's always been a thing I've struggled with.


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