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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moments&Memories: Psych

I thought I'd try this sublime meme, it'd be good to realize the special moments each week. :)


There have been quite a few memorable moments this week. However, the one that stands out to me the most is yesterday night, when my brother and I joined in the living room to watch the new weekly episode of Psych. One of my dear friends introduced me to Psych, (as she's introduced me to so many awesome things) and unlike many other things I've shared with my brother without peaking his interest, Psych has become a joint excited entertainment for us. Something that brings us together and makes us laugh and gasp. Well, I gasp, he sits there in his airy coolness. ;p Anyway, last night I realized and appreciated the time with my brother. Shared interest's really help to bring two people who are very different together. And as my brother and I get older, I appreciate him more and more.
Sometimes I become afraid that I'll miss out on an awesome relationship with my brother, as the days speed by. Sometimes I feel guilty for not being  a better older sister, and being more encouraging and such. Then I remember that as long as I try to do my best, be my best, it'll be alright. But I forget so often. Do you ever feel guilty because you forget to put some focus on the important things in life?

At least we try to remember...

In case I've dampened your spirits, watch this video. And maybe watch Psych! :D They have it on Netflix.


  1. lol... ;)

    Time with siblings should be memorable - and yes, it can be horribly easy to let the moments slip by without stopping to make sure they are. :P But again, good reminder and we can keep working on it. :)

  2. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas! :)


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