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Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Just Goodbye {this is not an April Fool's post}

first true photo I ever used on this blog
 Dear fellow stalkers, readers, bloggers, beautiful essences of light & awesomeness,
 I hope I've got your attention, because I do have some rather important news. For quite a while I've considered changing the URL address of my blog. It's completely not the name or relevant to my blog, & I just feel its time for a change. So to all my precious committed stalkers, if you could transfer your affections to my new URL, I'd be beyond thrilled. I won't be deleting this blog, for various reasons, so there's no deadline.
This URL (and all it's old posts) reminds me of why I started a blog in the first place, & I'm so grateful for what it's meant in my life. Please join me lovelies!

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I appreciate your presence. Feel free to share your opinions and perspectives in good spirit! :)