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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today my generous mother took me to the Salvation Army(they had half off today) so i could buy some much needed clothes. I had been praying that when we went I would find modest,beautiful, feminine clothing,and G-d was so good as to answer my prayers. I found the two shirts I needed and skirts and dresses besides! My mom and I saw an idea for a modest swim suit on a website. I will add the link and tell you more about that later. Anyway, so I had also been praying that the stroe would have what I needed to put the swimsuit together...and they did! I was thrilled! My mom and I were also talking about layering clothes(short skirts over long ones). When I get an outfit like that together, I'll put up a picture so you can see what I mean. It is hard finding modest clothing.I think it better to sew your own clothes. But I think that no matter how hard it is, if we want to be modest to please the L-rd, He will bless our efforts and provide!
Emmuna(which means faith in hebrew)

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