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Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Garden

This is our garden(below). We did it all last Sunday.We used the method of square foot gardening. We filled the boxes with mixed soil and compost.It was alot of work that required the whole family.But it was very easy. We have herbs(sage,rosemary,oregano,peppermint and some others) tomatoes and halepeno and habenero peppers. We also have echenacea, but it didn't do so well in this 90 degree weather. This is about the third time we have a garden, and though it is late(and hot) in the season, we think it's doing well. We(my mom,brother,and I) had to research on the plants so we could take better care of them. I chose chives,echinacea, and garden sage. I had fun researching them. I hope to post more about our garden. Shalom!

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