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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our first time picking!!!!

This morning we all woke up early,donned our hats, and headed out to Cherryhill Farms to pick blackberries before the sun begun to heat things up.It was our first time picking and we had a BERRY GOOD TIME. The blackberries were HUGE, and there was ALOT of them. And best of all they taste good! At first we were only there to pick blackberries, but then we decided to do peaches first.THey were also alot of them and thay were bigger than any peaches I have ever seen.We gathered25lbs. in about 15 minutes with only five people.It is fast and easy to pick peaches.It's just like picking a leaf.
My brother had fun climbing the trees to the top where the peaches were ripest and biggest.
I haven't tasted the peaches yet, except for in a peach smoothie I made, which was delicious and refreshing!After picking peaches, we moved on to the blackberries.We picked 6 or 7 pints in about 20 min.
Then we tasted the rasberries, and we had to pick some of those! They were very ripe and very sweet!We probably like them beter than blackberries though they were harder to pick since the bushes had thorns and bees.

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