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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today I went to a dear friends 16th birthday party. I had a good time, I always do when I am around them. I love you girls!
Friends can indeed be a blessing(like mine) if you know how to respect one another's differences, beliefs, and ways.Friends are also great if they are honest with you, but know how to look at the good , not the bad about you.Sometimes we can stay so focused on people's shortcomings, that we don't know how to do away with the bad and look at the good. Thanks be to G-d , my two friends Cindy and Yazmin know how to do just that. IN some ways we are different, but we overlook it so we can just enjoy each other.We must also remember that we have to "do unto other's as we would have them do unto us".What we give we will get back. If we are critical, unforgiving, easily offended,easily angered, impatient, it can stop us from enjoying other people. We have to be the type of friend that we want to have.The Bible is a book of relationships, and there we can always find guidance.Look into the Word, and you will find wisdom on how to become a better friend!
p.s- this is a picture I took of one of the lily's on our Lily of the Valley bush.:)

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