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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Reading List(pause the music)

I have been meaning to post up the list of books I am currently reading, because they are really good. So here we go-
First of all,my brother,mother and I have begun to read probably one of the most life changing books you could read.Do Hard Things.The Brett brothers have really set an excellent example of this.I love their blog The Rebelution. Parents,teens,and preteens must read this book!

Next,I have been reading a very good book called The Jewish Sabbath.It is an excellent introduction or reminder of what the Sabbath is.They have it on amazon,it is by Pinchas H. Peli.I recommend this book for any one trying to find rest in Shabbat. He clearly explains Shabbat(from an Orthodox viewpoint) . I find he explains Shabbat as having a special essence in such a way that I have tried to catch it.

I have also been slowly reading A Young Ladies Guide by Harvey Newcomb.This was written in the 19Th century, and it is a real guide.I have enjoyed reading it and am almost done with it.I recommend it for girls 14 and up, because it is very heavy reading. They also have this on amazon.

My mother and I are reading The Excellent Wife, which is a good mother and daughter read for older girls. It is written by Martha Peace, and it gives a clear explanation of what a wife's behavior should look like.

I have just begun reading The Mother Book by Mrs.Child . I LOVE IT! It is a Great book about educating and training children. It has really helped me to understand children's way of thinking(although I am little more than a child myself!). I would recommend this book for girls(14 up) preparing to be a mother and wife one day, even anyone dealing with children.I am not sure if it is still in print though, it was written in the 19Th century.

A dear friend lent us Beautiful Girlhood, and my mother and I are reading t together. We've only read one chapter so far, but I liked it very much. When we are finished I will write what I think about it.

And in my morning devotions I read one page of Joy for the Journey.It is a very good "picker upper" book,and I find it encouraging.

And besides all this heavier reading, I read lighter fiction,biography and history fiction books. I like the Dear America and World War II books. I love reading, and I think it very important that everyone educate themselves and have a love of reading. I hope you will read some of these very good books. If you have any recommendations, please share!


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