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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Journey to Becoming All Glorios Within....

I had said that I would give Hashem my WHOLE heart at the end of the conference we had at shul last weekend. Well, He took me literally, and He is helping me. I had thought I had given Him my heart, but I grew complacent and comfortable where I was at spiritually, even though G-d was trying to pull me closer. I didn't realize it until the conference,and I am thankful Hashem opened my eyes. Now I am beginning the process of purification, sanctification , and I am checking for idols in my life that are distracting me from Hashem. I see He is getting me ready for the new year. Just the other day I realized that my thought were full of Yom Kippur, that I forgot to be excited about Rosh Hashana. It's important to keep balanced in all things. A friend/teacher wrote in my Bat Mitzvah advice/sign in book -"Do all things in moderation"- This is sometimes harder than it sounds(or reads)!!!

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