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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keeping your heart....pure (introduction)

Around this time last year I made a decision to keep my thoughts,speech,emotions,actions,and heart pure,to glorify Hashem, and to make my relationship with my future husband even more special.You have probably heard of the concept, or idea of a girl keeping herself mentally and/or physically pure for her future husband.Or maybe you haven't. Anyway, I'm going to tell you about it:) Indeed, this is not a new idea. But I won't go into the timeline part,:)
What exactly does purity mean(in this case)? Well, I'll give you my own personal definition/guidline to purity.
1- Abstaining from thinking obsessively about boys or young men you might be attracted to (preferably not at all)
2-Abstaining from speaking about boys you might be attracted to, inappropriately or obsessively(preferably not at all).
3-Surrendering to Hashem any emotions or thoughts you might have (this is the most important one).
4-Keeping yourself chaste,sober, and shamefaced, yet with the joy and love of Abba flowing through you,when around boys you might be attracted to.Even when you are not around them:)There must be balance.
5-Keeping your heart pure by not giving away any pieces of it.(We'll talk about that.)
6- Abstaining from physical contact.A good book on that is The Magic Touch by Gila Manolson.

You might think this definition is strict, but it is so worth it to follow this guidline. I know this by my own experience. If you save all thoughts, physical affection, and heart for the one Hashem has planned for you , your relationship will be free from guilt and heart ties from past relationships. I will write a post on each one of my definition numbers in the future. Right now I need to go do discipleship studes:) Shalom!!!

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