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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tea Time

Early last week my mom and I decided to STOP all our business, and have a cup of chai(I personally didn't like the chai) . I set up a tablecloth on one corner of our big table, put on the "Sense and Sensibility" soundtrack CD , picked a teapot from my mom's growing collection, and we sat. I wanted to pretend we were in the 18Th century, but she just wanted to be herself, so we went with being We don't often get to have tea together,so it was very nice.

It is important to take time out when things are very busy to gather things together and relax. How good HaShem was, and is,to give us the Shabbat. He knew, and knows, what life can bring us, and that we would need a mandatory time to STOP, and focus on Him. We should have our focus on Him all week, but it is easy to forget and there are soooooooooo many distractions.May HE strengthen us to do all for His glory and honor.
When we take time out to appreciate others in our family and do something special with them,no matter how busy things are, we always find that it is worth it.

I believe in women being feminine, dressing femininely, speaking and carrying themselves femininely. A woman who is content and loves being a woman, her worth is far above rubies. In this world which has been raided by feminists and feminism, it is our job as followers of the Torah, to re-establish the meaning and role of women, and re-establish, b'ezrat HaShem, the true essence of womanhood.Where has it gone? It has been buried and hidden and guarded so that no woman should know what she was truly meant to be.The homemaker, the mother, the wife, the queen of her home, the daughter of G-d, and the beautiful , feminine, lamp shining light to all she knows.

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