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Thursday, December 4, 2008

I cannot believe...

December/Kislev is already here. Time is passing so quickly I cannot even do everything I wish to do in one month because the time goes faster than I expect. Last month I was busy trying to get letter sent out,getting my studies going easy,and keeping the house clean, of course so many other things.
This month, I will be busy, b'ezrat HaShem, writing letters, doing studies,reading, learning to knit, practicing embroidery, finishing the purity series(if any one is waiting for the continuation, I will put it out as soon as possible), working homemade Chanukah gifts, and whatever lessons HaShem wants me to learn.But, as it says often in the book of Mishlei(Proverbs)
" A man may plan his ways, but what he does is up to HaShem"

These are pictures of our backyard when it snowed two inches in November.It is all melted away now, but I hope there's more to come.

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