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Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am extremely enjoying winter, and I think it's a delightful, cosy season. Though it is very cold, when you are bundled it's not so bad.Except for a week we had when it was almost 0 degrees, we've been enduring well. Right now I have my window open to let in the beautiful breeze, which feels warm, though it's only 40 something degrees. Well, enough about the weather, and let me tell you all what I have been doing during all this cold and warm then cold again.

First, I have been fighting a slight cold, with slow but sure success, and trying to keep up with daily tasks and duties.Second, I have been enjoying my new laptop, which my parents most lovingly bestowed upon me.Third, I have been looking into starting a business with photography, with something, so I can begin to save much of that valuable paper called money. Fourth, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been putting my everyday in order, and I must say it's going much better than I thought it would.Last but not least, I have been feeling great!!! B"H I have finally moved to the next stage of the lesson to be joyful all the time, no matter who,what,when or where. I have a tendency to get easily overwhelmed with what I have "to do", and complain. But, I am overcoming that, and it will soon, b'ezrat HaShem, be history.So there you are, and this is what I've been doing to become a firm foundation of my future home as well as the home I live in now.
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