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Friday, June 12, 2009

Alright, Ladies

Tomorrow night I will choose the winners for the photography contest. So far I only have two contestants- ladies, you have until tomorrow at 9pm to enter. Contestants-make sure you re-read the contest guidelines. I think not many people entered because the prize probably doesn't sound that great.... :) But it is! I think! Anyway, that' all I needed to say. Just a summarized review-
  • Only from now until tomorrow at 9pm to enter
  • Contestants-re-read the guidelines
  • Sunday I will announce the winners
  • Oh, and never mind about the poll voting
  • Oh, and you know how the guidelines say three winners- that still applies.
  • And most importantly- all contestants (there are only two, but still) have entered such amazing photos it is too difficult to choose between. So contestants, do you want to have only one winner, or three? Please let me know-leave a comment. I know it's kind of weird, but circumstances alter cases(I think that's how it goes)
  • And-Thank you all!!!!!

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  1. One or three, both sound good to me.
    I really never care about the prize. If I have a photography contest on my blog, I won't be having a prize. What is the prize anyways?
    P.S. I'll put a post on my blog about your contest. They're can't be 3 winners with 2 contestants.

  2. Thanks, Lexi. The prize is these really cool bookmarks-they are made with ribbon and then beads are at each end. They are fun, cute, and useful. And you can use them for something else other than bookmarks. Yes, no prize sounds good. Wish I would of though of that. lol

  3. I'd love to enter, where is the e-mail address at though?

  4. Hi,
    To enter just post three pictures on your blog, leave me a link to your blog post, I will add you to the contestant list. Remember, you have until 9pm tomorrow. Thanks, and have fun!
    Your e-mail is only needed if you win, so I can send you the prize. COuld you mention this contest on your blog so I can hopefuly get more contestants?


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