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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Contest Deadline

The photography contest has come to a close, ladies. But..... I am extending it until tomorrow , so that more people can enter if they want to. So ladies, you have until tomorrow at 5pm. And that's final :) SO enter if you want, and I'll choose tomorrow at 5pm the winners. Don't worry, contestants, this is truly the deadline :) I just want to give more time to others who may wish to enter.
Yours Truly,


  1. thank you so much for extending the deadline! i really want to enter, i haven't yet because i can't find any decent pictures right now, but i will definitely enter!

    do you think you could check out my blog?

    by the way, i love yours!

  2. i found the pictures for the contest.

  3. Alright,thanks! Just post the pictures on your blog.Quick, it's already 5pm, I am about to close the contest and choose the winner.


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