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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eventful Month in a Week

My Dear Readers, please accept my most sincere apologies for not posting on a more regular basis. But I do have good reason :) Last week we had a WoF (Week of Fun). A week of fun is when you take a week, some friends or family, and plan lots of FUN things to do! For example,our week of fun went kinda of like this-
  • Sunday- Free day(do whatever you want)
  • Monday Day(Normal day with a movie at night)
  • Tuesday- First official day (Outdoor activities and video game day- made cupcakes and stayed up all night)
  • Wednesday-Movie Day( we didn't get to watch movies because our dogs mother had her second liter of puppies!!!!!) Here is a sneak peak~The black one with white on the neck is our baby girl Zoey! She is a BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!
  • Thursday - Play day ( we play things like house, dress up, Lego's- interactive things)
  • Friday-Whatever day( We prep'd for Shabbat and did some more interactive play)
  • Shabbat-Outdoor day -(We played water balloons)
We( my brother , cousin and I) planned this for a month or so, and we were excited when it arrived. The arrival of the 9 puppies was a bit soon for us and interrupted the flow, but we are overjoyed to have them now~!

Oh, and by the way , July 13 was my one year Blogiversary!!!! I cannot believe it's only been 1 year. So much has happened. Tell me what you think about my blogging, and if I should continue ;) Thank you to my readers, and for your patience. Love you all!!!

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