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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Missing Buttons

Some of you may notice that my buttons are missing. That is because I found out how to make "real" buttons, so I will be doing that, and adding them soon. In the meantime, please forebear with my blog's chaotic look.


  1. Hey, you'd better do a tutorial afterwards showing the rest of us how! I *need* to do some.

    ~Serenity (Yeah it's me, just am too lazy to sign out of Mom's account. :)

  2. Yeah, good idea. I'll get to that soon, b'ezrat HaShem! :)

  3. hey, i got your comment and i just wanted to correct you about my name. it's not Andrea, it's adriana, but i understand. a ton of people get my name wrong. :)

  4. I am SO sorry Adriana. I totally understand, people get my name wrong all the time,it seems. Again, my apologies.


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