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Monday, August 3, 2009

Modesty, Inside Out

Modesty. It amazes me that I am writing another post about this subject, but then again, as long as there are issues, there will be people who write about them, discuss them, and try to come up with solutions. Truly, not everyone will be modest, of course, and everyone defines modesty a different way. But , we must admit, there is a line between what is and isn't modest.
The lack of modesty(there goes that word again ;) is not only visible in women and teenagers, but even little girls! There was a time when little girls dressed as little girls, with dresses and etc., but now little girls are dressed as women! I rarely , rarely, rarely EVER see a girl in a dress. The "style" for little girls nowadays is shorts.And I mean shorts ;) These little girls aren't taught modesty when they are young, and when they get older, the thought of changing the way they dress is appalling. Morals, values(like modesty) , and so many other things should be implemented while young. If I wish my child to be modest, not only in clothing, but in heart, mind and manner, a modest inside out girl, I will try teach the principals to her while she is young and tender, and prayerfully, "in her old age she will not depart from it". But what is modesty, why is it important? I think a reason that modesty is important is because what we wear outside reflects our insides. Our mind, heart and soul come out in our manner.Like Yeshua said, "The mouth speaks what overflows from the heart." Matt. 12:34. In Judaism, one of the very beautiful thought on modesty is that when you dress modestly, and you don't bring attention to your body, it allows people focus more on you , not what you are wearing. An AWESOME book on this is Gila Manolsons "Outside/Inside" . This is an excellent book.
I just wanted to write this little post, 'cause it's been on my mind. I hope it's a bit helpful or encouraging. As usual, there is alot more to say on this subject, but for now, I must go and prepare for a client meeting on Wednesday. I am SO excited!!!
So that's all for now, dear young ladies, and I hope to post again soon :)

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