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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Isaiah and Some Notes

This Shabbat was Shabbat Nachamu, Shabbat of Comfort. I wanted to share the Haftorah portion (Isaiah 40 ) with you all, because it really blessed and touched me. This chapter has a lot of familiar verses. I look forward to studying it. But it is so long, and I do not type very fast, so I am going to give you a link to read it, or you can just open up your bibles and read it straight from that ever precious Book of books.
I like this chapter because it humbles me, and speaks of G-D's greatness. Verses 15-17 can be found in the Siddur's morning prayers. I remember feeling so humbled when I first read these verses. And the verse following, verse 18, is truly powerful. This is a chapter for those who doubt HaShem, those who are skeptical of His power and strength, or existence. Who could read this and not feel something tugging at his soul?

As I am writing this, I look out the window and see the moon, which almost looks like an egg that is more round on one side. The moon gives me this strange feeling, almost a feeling of fear . I suppose because it is so stunning- pale white against the dark sky. Anyway... it looked like beautiful Shabbat weather today, but it was deadly, yes deadly humid. I think it must have been %100 humidity.

Some more posts will be coming up soon-

  • The Rising of our Generation
  • Personal Womanhood(yes, we will talk about what this means)
  • Young Ladyship( and about what this means)
  • And some of my personal journey
That's all for now, I'm gonna go work on a post I have in my drafts :)

p.s- You may see on the left sidebar I had a button scroll containing my Mothers button, and the buttons to my other blogs.I am not too fond of things moving on my blog, but it is so convenient and doesn't take up as much space. I LOVE BLOGGY THINGS!!!!!!!!! I learned this from Marissa's tutorial. Her blog is very nice ;)I have also added an information center to make it easier for "newcomers " to figure out what I am all about. And a search box- for your convenience and my fun! Yes, I do use my own search box just to see what comes up ;)
And, I have also added in the top left sidebar a corner for posts that I like, have found helpful, inspirational, informative, or interesting around the Blogiverse. This is to be updated weekly ;)
And, I have added a Quote and Thoughts Section on the right sidebar. Usually quotes are great things that well-known people say, but for me, if anyone I know( i.e family members) says anything insightful, it'll go up there. This is to be updated anytime. ;)
Finally, I think that is all ! I hope you all like the changes.
BTW( by the way, for those , like me, who had NO idea what this means), I am VERY slowly considering changing my blog template( I cringe just thinking about it), but I love my current blog template SO much. But anyway, that's really all !

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