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Monday, July 6, 2009

Squash and Garlic

Now what could a post titled "Squash and Garlic" be about? Gardening, of course! Well, I titled it "Squash and Garlic" because I wanted to tell you about this delicious thing my Mom made where she sauteed the squash in a little bit of oil, and then added garlic. I also wanted to tell you that we have them growing in our garden! Here are some delicious pictures of those and other things we have in our garden.

It is growing and flourishing, Baruch HaShem, and we are so excited! It is a square foot vegetable-garlic,tomato,peppers(several types) and flowers-rose of Sharon, peonies, cottage mix, calendula, bean vine-it's called something else, and a sunflower garden, which includes Teddy and Ring of Fire. We have cute stepping stones, and one tree in kind of the middle. It's a small type of tree-I wouldn't exactly call it beautiful, and it doesn't give us much shade, but it's okay. Our herbs are either medicinal , culinary, or both. My favorite medicinal is Chamomile , and my favorite culinary is Oregano. Oh, and my favorite vegetable is zucchini , only because I LOVE zucchini bread.
I think that is all about the garden, of course my Mom will be writing more on her blog. So that's all for now folks!



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