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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Haven't had the time

Blogging is not that important. But if you have a blog, at least keep it up. I've been failing to do that. I really haven't been doing anything...really anything, at least. I have been having a good time- odd as it may sound, I feel like my vacation just started in September. SEPTEMBER! My goodness, how time flies! Before you know it I'll be writing a post about Rosh haShana Resolutions, then what true teshuva(repentance) is before Yom Kippur, and then about the joy of Yeshua and Sukkot!
Things have been pretty active around here. The 9 puppies have grown and become only 3, and by the end of this week, there'll (a new word!- kidding;) just be two- our two. Z Force- Zion and Zoey. They are still unbelievably cute, and there antics amuse us daily. In fact, they were arrested for being too cute and were kept in the 2Cute jail. They escaped (escaped convicts- how dramatic is that? ;) But , luckily, justice was served and they were caught. So the world is a better place.
I have been going through a lot personally, and haven't really been able to talk about it to anyone. I talk to HaShem, and my plea is always- "Please, help me Abba!" Maybe one day I can share all these things with you, hoping they will help you too. Soon.
It was surprisingly chili the first days of September. It is not a bit chili now, so our garden is safe. I shall be sad, for once, for fall to come- I will miss our lovely garden. I don't see how I could look out the window and not see anything but dead plants... really depressing. But I am looking forward to a few things about fall.
My few things about fall-
  • Walking in the park with leaves EVERYWHERE!!!
  • My Birthday!!!! ( psss, mom, I want a surprise party ;)
  • Everyone else's birthday!
  • The Feasts , of course
  • Beginning studies- eventually
  • And sunny cool days
I have been doing a lot of reading, and hopefully will talk about that- on my literary blog of course!
Yeah... about the buttons- they'll be up -when I get to it, frankly ;)

Thanks for still hanging around my blog even if I haven't showed up!

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  1. So nice to see you posting again :) Sometimes it's ok to take a break from the blog-world and just enjoy life a little bit. I have a hard time keeping my blog updated sometimes too.


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