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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Info

I just wanted to do a freestyle post. Seems like forever since I've done that. I have so much I want to say, that I'll do waht I do in my diary. Take one thing at a time...with bullets! I like those! So here we go.
  • Today was a crazy day. All the Hanukah decorations are put away, all the second floor "cleaned". I think of all the stuff that isn't "clean", and it make me want to faint or dissapear. Yes, I tend to be dramatic. And my family thinks I'm weird, but I say, " You're all like me!". Any way....thanks to my brother and cousin for helping!
  • We are hopefull, b'ezrat HaShem, supposed to be going sledding today, because this Shabbat it snowed 1 foot! Yay! It's looks beautiful, but right now the sun is working very hard...I say that the people mess everything up when they shovel it into big dirty piles! I hope we do go sledding. I've only been sledding once in my life(and I live in the infamous Northeast) and snow-tubing this year when we went on vacation.
  • Don't you hate when you have so many little threads haning around of things you need to do, but don't have time or ability to do? For example, I have four letters to send, one to write, a collage to complete (b'ezrat HaShem!) , an embroidery project to work on, a bible study to do, sheets to wash, cards to fill in, and a room that needs a major cleaning, as if it was Pesach! These are most of the things. Wow, I feel much better now that I've written that all down. lol I don't like to rant, but , hey, sometimes a girl got's to do what a girl got's to do.
  • There will be no "Weekly Aliyah", as there was none last week. Sorry! but obviously I am really busy, and I just need to implement my orderly schedule, before I can do that.

Here are some photos. (My cousin and dog playing outside yesterday, the fourth and eigth day of Hanukah)Now for lunch! Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. Fun post :)

  2. Great pics! I know exactly what you mean about always having lots of little tasks on your plate. I always have a post-it note filled with scribbled reminders of things that need to get done–yet no matter how long I work, the list never seems to get any shorter! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow it looks like you gotta lotta snow! I wish we could go sledding here's kinda harder here in the city. Right now I wish I lived in the country more than I usually do.


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