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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Short and Late Answers Dec.23

What would you do if a flow of lava was coming your way?

I would run for my life (in a matter of fact tone).

Are cats and felines the same thing?

O' Course! Felines are cats (in a matter of fact tone).

Do you remember when you were a baby?

Ummm... a little bit.

What do you remember?

I remember that I was always asleep.(un-sure-ish tone)

Should we treat animals just like food or like we treat our pets?

Like we treat our pets! ... But not a pet lion, it will eat you! (laughs)

How many meals do you eat in a year?

Umm, that's a hard question. But you eat mostly 3 meals a year, but you eat mostly 3 meals everyday.

Today , as a little extra, she decided to ask me a question, just to mix it up.

Why did you call at this time of night? (8pm)

Me : *laughs*

How do you like the highlights? Please let me know ;)

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