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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Food Inc. The movie/Mercy for Animals

I did not even want to put this trailer up because it does NO justice to the movie. :)
We just finished watching Food Inc., a film that has changed my life. Forever. I am so broken hearted right now, I could scream. The food industries process of the production of meat and dairy is the most inhumane thing I have ever seen. I cannot begin to describe the things that this film revealed to me. DISRESPECTING animals, plants, the environment, and PEOPLE! Food Industries! Can you even begin to understand this idea, this concept? And guess what I see on the news when I opened the Internet? The H1N1 vaccine has been recalled.
I will proclaim right now, to all who read this-
I will not stop until I have made a change! If it's with others, or without them. If it take my whole life, or 3 years. I cannot watch this film and come upstairs and eat a chicken leg. I will never EVER EVER EVER EVER eat another piece of meat from a restaurant, store, fast food place, from nowhere except the Amish Country business that sells freely raised, organic, grass fed/ appropriately fed and humanely killed meat (and produce without pesticides ;). And I don't mean , "As far as I can go",, or , "I'll try my best". I promise myself, the chicken, cows, and pigs (I don't eat pork, but I will fight for them too) that I will NOT stand by and watch while they are disrespected, INHUMANELY treated, and just plain violated. Excuse all the caps ladies, but watch this film with your family (please take note of the PG rating, it is definitely PG because of animal slaughtering scenes) , and you will understand. It is UN-acceptable, UN-believable, and IN-credible, the things you will see. The Bible says that HaShem's creation cries out for Him- how they must be crying out these past 50-60 years! His creation was made for His glory, and as food-to an extent, not the way the world has taken it on.
You can buy or rent this movie on Itunes, Netflix, and the films site. It is available on YouTube. We watched it On Comcast's On Demand. But wouldn't you like to buy it and so support it financially?

Food Inc.

Please, Please, Please, WE as INDIVIDUALS can change it, just like we accept it! Don't settle, don't be lazy, and DON'T ignore the screams of the pigs as they are crushed beneath a metal plate, or the cries of the cows as they struggle to get their lame legs off the ground, or the peeps of the baby chickens as they are abused. Take action, do something, and DON'T be the average consumer. Money isn't the issue. When you become informed, it becomes an issue of morale, responsibility, and justice.
I also want to say that I am not advocating or forcing a vegetarian diet, but to make nice choices. If you get your food from the local farmers market, the Amish country stores, or anything certified organic/good for the environment, you can eat the things you like (meat, dairy, eggs) . Also, these type of organic farmers slaughter there animals in a humane no suffering way. If you are not sure, look into it. BUT help change these issues.Here's another video from Mercy for Animals.(link on sidebar)


  1. My mother and father saw this movie. They said it was good.Me and my family are also very against buying non organic non free range meat and eggs. It's so unbelievably cruel how some people treat these poor animals. Thank you for the post. (: I've actually stopped eating meat except on special occasions because it's not good for the digestive system.

  2. I give a little (okay a big) shout of joy every time I read a post like this! It has long been a source of great chagrin to me how people ignore the detestable way in which we obtain most of our animal food (not to mention the pesticides sprayed onto our produce!) It is astounding how many chemicals and antibiotics make their way into our bodies through food, causing so much unnecessary disease and suffering! Unfortunately where I live we have limited access to fresh organic food, and what we do have available is mostly far more expensive than what we can afford. It is very frustrating, but I look forward to the day when I can feed my family fresh, healthy, humane food! I haven't seen the movie yet, though if it's on YouTube I'll definitely be able to check it out soon.
    Blessings in Christ,


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