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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Short Answers Dec.15

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How many days does a year have?

*How many weeks does a year have?

What is paint made of?
I'm just gonna guess this one... I think it's made out of ink and permanent paint.

Oil, water, and plants.

Where does music come from?

Music comes from.. it comes from your tonsils or playing an instrument.


When do you grow?
When do I grow? Forever. Why?

From 0 to 30

Why can't you fly?
You don't have feathers to make you fly.. your wings...your arms- (demonstrates)- look, I can't even float with them. And your legs.

Because your arms are not flat like wings and you're too heavy. Unless you find an airplane.

Italic answers from my little girl cousin and bold answers from my 12 yr.old brother.He wanted to be featured.

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