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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Short Answers Dec.29

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This week I am unable to question my cousin, so my brother kindly answered instead. He is much older, but at least you guys will have some question ideas. So here goes.

What does linguistic mean?
Something about spaghetti's.

What would you do if the sky fell?
Silence: I don't know.

Do you remember where you were this time 5 years ago?
More silence: Um... no. Probably in my room.

What is a dispensable container?
Repeats question
What is it?
Made out of plastic.

Is it possible to count how many clouds there are in the sky?
How would you do that?
When it comes around, count it.
What if it's an overcast day?
I don't know.
Do you know what an overcast day is?
There's too many clouds, a lot of clouds.

I hesitate to feature my brother in Short Answers, fearing he would be too informed. So I work hard to make the questions ok for little kids, and basic level for him. Anyway, I hope some of you participate, since no one has yet. Have a good week everyone!

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